Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pink Hermès scarf!

Hermès... that cool messenger of the Greek Gods... or in this case, Parisian style maker and messenger of all things exquisite! Oui, N'est pas? I had it in my mind that I wanted something frivolously indulgent, ridiculously decadent, and seriously playful to mark and remember my 50th birthday, so naturally I decided upon a pink silk Hermès scarf. (Thank you Dan!!) Some gals are scarf people, and some are decidedly not. I most definitely am, and since magenta is my all time favorite happy color, I chose a Hermès pink silk twill scarves in a Mexican folk (Otomi) embroidery print. I am excited for the weather to get cooler so I can wear it! More about this particular Hermès scarf (or as the French call it, carré) design on their website here.

Here is the scarf lying flat,

      photos, Diane Carnevale

and here's how it looks knotted.

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