Saturday, July 9, 2011

Farm fresh foods

Nothing says summer to me like the aroma of a fresh peach or nectarine. I went to Canaan Farm  on Rt. 1-A in Wenham today and bought this gorgeous box of goodies, including those aromatic flying saucer nectarines (or are they peaches?). I'm not certain how much of this is grown on the actual farm, or at least grown locally, but it just feels good to support the local guys anyhow. Canaan Farm is rocking this year! The strawberries look super ripe, and I know they won't taste like the tart ones that are all white in the center bought out of season at super markets. I know, I know, that's why we should all eat in season and all that- (thank you Alice Waters and Chez Panisse!) Fresh figs are a favorite of ours wrapped in prosciutto with a chiffonade of basil—what I call 'figs in a blanket.' I got some buffalo mozzarella and I am planning on enjoying slices of it on those tri-colored tomatoes—perhaps in a tomato Napoleon stack. There's purple potatoes buried under there, which will be lovely in a salad with snap peas and yellow beans, something colorful and fun. Yep, colorful and fun.

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