Friday, July 15, 2011

Grilled pizza

Unless you have a pizza oven (two words:"wish list"!), a charcoal grill produces the crispiest pizza. Even pizza cooked on a stone will not come out this delicate and crispy; besides, who wants to blast the oven to 500° in the summer anyhow? We use hardwood charcoal for intense heat that helps the crisp factor, and we make 4 small pizzas instead of one large one. Be sure to have two heat zones on your grill (charcoal on just one half of the grill). I cook the dough directly over the hot fire for a less than a minute, flip it over, put the toppings on and let it cook over the fire for a minute or so, then move it to the side of the grill (covered) with no fire under it to finish cooking. This is when the cheese melts the way it would in a regular oven. Our favorite pizza has got to be good old Margherita pizza, but we also love a white pizza topped with pancetta, a white pizza topped with shrimp, rosemary and scallion (shown below), and a chicken sausage pizza (shown above). Smoky, crispy, molto bene!

photos, Dan Ryan

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