Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day of Harper-Razzi!

Beautiful brides were in our garden 
Sunday for a professional photo shoot!

all photos, Dan Ryan and Diane Carnevale

We, and our gardens, were hosts to a group of talented folks Sunday for a garden tea party-themed photo shoot. It was a collaborative effort by all involved to promote each of their businesses. This group is working to get their photos published and, until then, I can only show you these teaser photos that we took.

Local bridal couturier Harper Della-Piana of Seams (a European style couture bridal salon, and NOT to be confused with "the village tailaah"), was here with several other talents; my husband dubbed this group the Harper-Razzi. Harper brought a scrumptiously colorful rack of her Wrapture collection of dresses, along with heaps of accessories—vintage beaded necklaces and her silk flower hair accessories and pins. Event planners Greia Marlow and Jenny Wong were the creative visionaries—the set designers. They rented boxes and boxes of mix and match china, silver, tablecloths, oil lanterns and other props for the faux tea party and other tableaus from New England Vintage Rentals. Delicious tea cakes were supplied from Three Little Figs (yum!) 

After hours of their prepping, photographer Nicole Chan worked her shutter magic in various locations throughout the gardens. She was full of energy and not even fueled by chocolate! Oh, and did I mention that there were five leggy models here too? I think my husband liked that part. Grace and Bree from Blushing Brides did the hair and makeup for all the gals. Fabulous day!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Diane!!! I enjoyyour web site and you blogs, Fondly, Anne Hinton

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Diane! Hermes, lucky you :)


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