Friday, September 2, 2011


photo, Diane Carnevale

Our raspberries are coming in like crazy! (That's two syllables by the way, like the Brits might say it— raahhhzz-brees.) We harvest about a pint of sweet raspberries every day until around mid October. I bought two little raspberry plant roots from Home Depot around 8 years ago, and they have been growing steadily and producing regularly ever since. When I pick the berries I always feel like little kid on a treasure hunt, searching for precious ruby gems that are hidden amongst the prickly stems and green leaves. My preferred way to eat raspberries is then and there, barefoot in the garden, one for me... one for the bowl... one for me... Well, you get the idea. But when I do manage to collect a bowl of them, they are a perfect match with a nice goats' cheese—the perfect counter point to the sweet berries. Shown here is a plate of raspberries with a luscious, velvety soft double-cream Cremont cheese from Vermont Creamery, which is a mix of cows’ milk, goats’ milk and a hint of Vermont cream. Pure goodness, and proving once again that sometimes it's just the simple things.

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