Saturday, April 16, 2016


I have a few paintings in the upcoming Outfoxed show at the True North Gallery in Wenham, including this Keeping Guard painting below. Stop by for the artist's reception on Saturday April 30th from 3-6 pm, and if you can't make it then, the show runs until June 26th. The True North Gallery is a special place, filled with all sorts of enchanting artwork, jewelry and home decor. The gallery owner, Belinda, reports that a fox has been hanging around in the woods near the gallery for the past few days, so if you're lucky you may be charmed by a real fox too.

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These charming fox statues keep guard 
at the entrance to the old Clark estate, which is  
down the street from us on Bridge Street in Hamilton. 

Read more about my Keeping Guard painting by clicking here.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Foolery redux!

Foolery, sir, does walk about  the orb 
like the sun, it shines everywhere. 

~ William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night 

Enjoy this abbreviated collection of jesters, harlequins,
 jokers, and fools that I gathered a few years ago. 

Farnos the Red Nose, by Jacques Callot (c. 1592-1635)
Russian woodcut with watercolors

Print by Franz Isaac Brun (1555-1610)

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696–1770), 
Punchinello with Dumpling

A fool facing left; bust-length figure, resting his chin on his right hand; 
wearing a chain with a large medallion; a fly on his fool's cap. 
The Fool By Heinrich Vogtherr, 1513-1568
  Print made by Hans Hanberg 1568

After Pieter Jansz Date 1638-1678

Print made by Franz Isaac Brun (1555-1610)

Farnos and Pigasya
Farnos and Pigasya, the red-nosed drunks, by Jacques Callot (c. 1592-1635)
Russian woodcut with watercolors

Two Fools of Carnival, artist unknown

Print by Franz Isaac Brun (1555-1610)