Saturday, September 24, 2011

Italy: Positano and Capri


We hired another boat for the day and cruised the coastline, in the other direction this time, over to the isle of Capri. We stopped for a swim and later visited the famous blue grotto—splashy neon waters of aqua blue set in a little cave at the base of a monstrous cliff. We had to hop into a smaller boat to get into the grotto, making sure to duck our heads upon entry! We had another delicious seafood lunch of calamari, shrimp and anchovies, then strolled around people watching and window shopping. Frosty limoncello granitas helped to quench our thirst in the warm Mediterranean sunshine. On the boat ride home with the golden rays of the setting sun behind us, the captain served us cold limoncello, cranked up the Italian music and we had one of the most beautiful and memorable cruises back to Positano. We spent our last night in this charming village making merry with a lovely (and wild!) group of 3 English women that we had met earlier, Zoe, Greta and Di. We drank "posh Italian wine" and ate the delicious foods that they prepared for us. Good food, good people, heaps of laughs, all in a beautiful setting. Today we say goodbye to the coast and drive to TUSCANY!

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