Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Italy: When in Rome...

We didn't see Fellini, Sylvia or Marcello at the Trevi Fountain in Roma, but we have found plenty of good food and wine! Shown here is a creatively constructed eggplant pizza, grilled calamari and cheesy gnocchi. We've walked and walked all over the city and had a one particularly memorable dinner at a casual local restaurant, Pizzeria Leoncino. Their pizza was ridiculously good— thin, crispy and slightly charred on the bottom from the wood fired oven. The tables were set up beer-hall style (so you could rub elbows with your fellow diners) with long rows of tables jammed together, and covered in green and white checkered tablecloths. We were lucky enough to have a sassy older waitress named Laura who poured the house wines into ceramic jugs from a big wine barrel. We're pretty sure she liked us.

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