Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rock lobsters!

It's not summer without at least one clam bake or lobster feast, and we enjoyed one on Sunday. My twin brother's son Devin—a 15-year old with a few lobster traps off the coast of their seaside home—supplied us with about a dozen 'bugs,' which we cracked open and consumed overlooking the ocean as the sun set and the moon rose. It was a classic, quintessential summer scene. Along with the lobsters we also had steamers, Mom's panzanella salad (with blue cheese) and my charred corn salad... and lots of napkins! I like lobster best in the simplest way—cooked in salt water and shamelessly drenched in butter... preferably with champagne or a nice Pouilly-FuissĂ©. Is there anything better?

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