Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fifty shades of gr...

...een. Lots of green! I found these unusual ferns and gleefully added them to my moss and fern trough, along with my heart's tongue and fishtail ferns, and other more common ones. The top fern, called a sweat fern, has a beautiful filigree lace pattern in shades of green, icy blue and capricious bits of copperish orange on the new growth. Love it! It reminds me of an icy frost pattern on a wintery window pane. The bottom fern, identified so far, has long, menacing arms like a wild octopus. Unlike my other ferns, I think these are zoned for a warmer climate than I live in, so I'll need to winter these two inside. But if I am successful, I hope to have these unusual ferns for years to come.

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