Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jeremiah was a bullfrog!

I am pleased to introduce Jeremiah and Jemima to the world (above and below). I bought these two darling pollywogs back in the end of May when they were teeny-weenie little things with long tails and no arms or legs yet. They stayed underwater, and at one point I thought I'd somehow lost them both, but this week I spotted one, and then the other one, sunning happily on a hyacinth pad, waiting patiently for a tasty bug to fly by to eat. I can't decide which is more cute—saying pollywog or saying tadpole—but in any case, before they had leap-worthy legs (and arms) and oxygen breathing lungs, I just called them "the Jers," in the same manner that I call all my goldfish "the Freds." Jer is short for Jeremiah, who as we all know from the Three Dog Night song, was a bullfrog. But now that the Jers are all grow up and proper amphibians, I suppose I should start calling them by their full names. Or maybe not. Joy to the world...

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