Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fairy garden

I've never actually seen a fairy, but I am certain that there's a whole troupe of them in our yard because... in a remote corner of our garden, tucked below some branches, hidden beneath the dawn redwood tree, there's an elaborate, enchanting fairy house! Fairies aren't the best builders, but nevertheless, they do an impressive job collecting various things from the garden—feathers, acorns, wisteria pods, clam shells, grasses and branches and leaves, and of course, all manner of flowers.  They've used these elements to make a swing, a bathtub, a table and chairs, a ladder leading up the second floor of their A-frame hut (they could fly, but sometimes they like to use ladders anyway), a fairy ring to dance around, a firepit, a big, long banquet table with chairs, and pathways leading hither and yon. They are busy little fairies. It's delightful, and their house changes with the seasons. Sometimes I find broken bits of their gossamer wings on branches, after they have snagged them there. Don't worry, fairies grow back wings instantly if that happens. You may not even know it, but I bet you have a fairy garden in your yard too.

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