Saturday, July 21, 2012


I saw these little birdies, I thought they'd like a nest.
They've been flying around all day, and really need a rest.
Andie Jaye

This precious bird's nest of a common house sparrow was in our privet hedge. I even recognize the raw materials they used to build it—fallen branches from our hemlock tree and dried ornamental grass. The sparrows love this particular hedgerow, and chitter-chatter in there all day long, discussing whatever it is that bird's discuss. It's a bird version of coffee klatch! Good worm patch?... Lack of rain?... Raspberries ripening in the neighbor's yard? Whatever it is they are saying, they say it cheerily and it always makes me smile. This week I've noticed the birds picking up bits of dried grass, building nests for their second round of babies. 

by Wenham artist Sandy Belock Phippen

by Keith Taylor

by Lorena Pugh

by Dino Rhinaldi 

by Albert Durer Lucas

by Susanna Pantas 

 by Roxanne  

by Elissa Della-Piana  

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