Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A DC Year in Review, 2013

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2013 was another fun year on this blog! No overseas trips to write about, but we did have a nice trip to Martha's Vineyard in August. Of course I always find beauty on this beautiful North Shore of Boston that I live on, as well as in my own back yard. As in previous years readers popped in from all over the globe, especially from the USA, and second in rank for the second year in a row was Russia, which always surprises me! Visitors have been from China, the UK, Canada, Italy, Dubai, The United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Australia, Oman, South Africa, India, the Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Turkey, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Ghana, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Latvia, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Iraq, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Moldova. Thank you all for stopping by!!
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Many adventurous cooks out there visited my pine needle smoked mussels post... did you cook them yourselves and how did you like them? My smokey tomato soup post, which was published on Tastespotting.com is ever popular. Healthy food posts like salads, especially my orange sesame kale salad and my carpaccio beet root salad were very popular this year—kale is so very zeitgeist! My Grilled peaches and burrata post was very popular, and all of you party people seemed to like my Saturday Sippers posts which spotlighted a different cocktail over the summer months. Two drinks in particular—the Nick and Nora martini and the The Johnny Appleseedwere super hot. Maybe I'll have to do the drinks again next summer… hmmm?

Artists, my Bernini's Apollo and Daphne post in September of 2012 still gets lots and lots of visits. That sculpture is very well known and admired. And of course the Rhinoceros in art post brings back readers time and time again, and in that vein I made a Mermaid in Art post collection that's very popular with readers. My Stealing from the peacock post from previous years is ever popular… I love those green and blue colors too. And a few of my own art work posts got visits from many Pinterest people, such as my Bird's Nest and Fiery Path paintings. Finally, my Falling for Fornasetti post has been crazy popular!

Olivia De Havilland from my Gorgeous portraits series still receives the most visits of all the gorgeous portraits I've posted on… even more than Peter O'Toole, who just recently died and was quite famous himself. 

Garden enthusiasts still loyally read about the Foo dogs from our very own garden, and misc. other garden posts are regularly hit upon as well. Nice to know folks like getting their hands dirty as much as I do.

Movie buffs, you all seem to love my Vertical Viewing posts, where I talk about several different versions of the same story. My Shakespeare's Tempest post from 2011 still generates the mosts hits. Russian Ark, A Walk Through Russian History, remains very revered.

I could go on but I'll stop. Oh, one last mention… My pink Hérmes scarf post from 2011 is (surprisingly) still must visited post—who doesn't love Hermés? 

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Thanks again for visiting the DC blog throughout the year, and be well!

Happy New Year!

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