Friday, November 4, 2011

Gorgeous portrait—Olivia de Havilland

Is this not a sublime portrait? It's of one of my most favorite actresses ever, Olivia de Havilland, in her more mature years. Sure, she was lovely and innocent in Gone With the Wind, and she played a deliriously crazy woman in The Snake Pit, but my favorite role of hers of all time is when she played Miss Catherine Sloper in The Heiress. You've gotta see this film. Her character was emotionally abused by her well-meaning father, and starts off very plain and mousy, but by the end of the film she finds her voice and she evens the score with a Mr. Morris Townsend, a weasely fortune hunter played Montgomery Clift. The film was remade in 1977 with Jennifer Jason Leigh and the fabulous Maggie Smith. They retitled the film as Washington Square and it was fair, but not nearly as yummy as the original, which has a deliciously wicked ending!

of OdH, TCM Host Robert Osborne says:

“There’s something about Olivia de Havilland that has always set her apart 
from other actresses. Maybe it’s the combination of warmth, sensitivity and 
intelligence she conveys, or the way her good looks have always 
been further enhanced by the ever-present twinkle in her eyes 

or the wisdom you sense behind those orbs.”

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