Saturday, November 5, 2011

Red trousers

Darlings, what's cooler than a man wearing red trousers? Here in New England we're in serious Nantucket Red country—you know, the washed out red trousers of the 'cape and the islands?' And thankfully some brave guys wear them. My husband even has a pair. But in Europe men embrace color with bravado, wearing reds, oranges, lime greens, and even their everyday khaki color is more a shade of yellow than beige. An orange cashmere sweater tied around the shoulders? Fabulous. So for an American man to wear flat-out red trousers takes someone with an adventurous spirit and refined fashion sense. And hootspa. Let me paint you a portrait of my new friend Dana who I met last night up at the Castle Hill Art Show (And BTW, I decided he was my new friend even before he bought one of my paintings!). He looked Palm Beach ready in a double-breasted navy blazer, loafers, red trousers and matching red ascot (which his friend Claire says he only wears to cover his trach scar!) Do you love these two? He owned Castle Hill last night. Gentlemen, be brave and go out and find yourself a pair of red trousers!

There is even a website dedicated to this bold fashion statement:

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