Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey talk

Yup, today is all about the turkey. Well... it's for pausing to reflect with family and loved ones, and giving thanks for good health and a roof over our heads, but really, it's all about the turkey. And the stuffing. And the pumpkin pie. 

We have lots of wild turkeys that saunter through our yard all year long. Each spring the Toms proudly strut their stuff and show off their fine feathers while trying to catch a lady. This fella was at it for days! Here is a video Dan took last summer of one of the ladies lounging around, nibbling on bugs, and having a nice little dustbath. At the very end she shakes her body and the dust goes everywhere.

Of course everyone knows about Butterball Turkeys, but how about a ball of butter shaped like a turkey? I bought this at a local grocery market:

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