Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Throw me a bone!

Being the kind of cook who is shameless about acquiring any sort of interesting food item, I did what any foodie would do: I asked the host of a recent party I attended if I could take home the ham bone from the Honey Baked ham that she served! Okay, okay, full disclosure—it was my Sister-in-law, and she wasn't going to give it to her dog or make pea soup with it or anything, so how could I possibly resist all that ├╝ber smokey ham potential? All you cheffie types out there know and understand... it was like winning the lottery. So I took home the ham bone booty and I put it into a stock pot along with the usual suspects. These humble ingredients all simmered away on the stove for several hours and the result is a rich and smokey ham bone stock that Julia Child would... sniff... weep over. Currently the ham stock is in the freezer, but it's destined to become the backbone of a glorious fiber packed lentil soup or perhaps a Tuscan white bean soup... or both. Thanks BA!

Click here for my chicken stock recipe.

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