Monday, December 19, 2011

Lattice potato-wrapped cod fillet

The humble cod meets the humble potato, and the result is this lattice potato-wrapped cod fillet. Two notable elements of Massachusetts heritage come together nicely in this dish. The potato is a traditional staple of the Irish diet, and the state was a popular destination for Irish emigrants in the 19th Century; both my family and, of course, Dan's, have Irish blood. The cod, meanwhile, is the state fish! There's even a "sacred cod" in the Statehouse in Boston, an homage to the species' role in our fishing economy.

This dish was yummy—think fish and chips, only lighter. You'll want to get out your mandolin to slice the potatoes thin enough to bend and wrap, and be sure to season with salt and pepper before you sauté the wrapped cod in olive oil and butter. Finish with a good squirt of zingy lemon. On the side is a bundle of garlicy haricot verts and a rose made from lemon peel.

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Mark Kurlansky wrote a really interesting book called Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World. Check it out to discover more than you ever didn't think you wanted to know about this single species of  fish.

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