Sunday, March 9, 2014

Octopus's garden

OK maybe I'm just a little too obsessed with the car wash. I wrote a short post about it here a few years ago and I still feel that same way—that "Nothing very bad could happen to you there." That's how Audrey Hepburn character, Holly Golightly, felt about Tiffany's department store. These photos that I snapped will hopefully help me remember the meditative zen vibe I feel in a car wash, which always leaves my car (and me!) feeling snappy and neat—the very opposite of bedraggled. And for extra bonus, it's not drugs and it's not fattening

As my car glides down the ramp I instantly feel transported to a quasi, dreamlike state of mind where everything is warm and safe. It conjures up a feeling of being underwater—swimming. Above me the cloth washers are like octopus tentacles dancing in the ocean, and below me the spinning brushes are like sea kelp flowing in gentle currents. It's an octopus's garden in the shade. Anyway, I just love those delicious blue and green colors. 

Graphic, Diane Carnevale

See more greens + blues by clicking here!

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