Monday, December 31, 2012

A DC Year in Review, 2012

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2012 was another fun year! Though I didn't go on a cool trip Italy this year, I still try to make every day special anyway—locally and in my own back yard. Readers popped in from all over the globe. Not surprisingly, the most visits came from the good old USA, and, like last year, second in rank was Russia. Visitors also came from the usual list of countries... China, the UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, and Australia, India, the Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Turkey, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Ghana, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Latvia, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Iraq, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Dubai, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Moldova. Thanks you all for stopping by, whether you have me bookmarked on your computers or find me via a web search.
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I got the most visits this year on my smokey tomato soup post, which was published on Guess I should give them a shout-out for all the traffic! Foodies also visited my Anna + Mary for Brunch post (our Bloody Mary and Pommes Anna brunch), and my Pesto tortellini appie post. That last one sort of surprised me because it was such a simple creation. Sometimes it's just the simple things though, right? The second most popular post this year was called Stealing from the peacock, where I shared several of my blue and green paintings. I'm glad that those the tomato soup post and this peacock painting post were the most popular this year because they were my creations. 

The rest are in no particular order: On my Sticks and stones post, I tipped my hat to the outdoor artist Andy Goldsworthy, which generated a lot of visitsOther artsy visitors clicked on my post about Vintage Envelope artist Mark Powell and paper artist Sabeena Karnik, on my ABCs post.

Louise Bourgeois and Veronica Lake from my Gorgeous portrait series generated large interest. People who visited my Split personality post were very curious about a rare black and orange lobster, and armchair travelers visited my Carnevale de Venezia post. Foo dogs from my own garden and Chinese dragons from my Happy Chinese New Year! were also popular posts. Cape Cod fans visited our Cape Light post, where Dan and I shared several of our photos from an autumn visit there. Still very popular from 2011 has been my Rhinoceros posting about the rhino in art through the ages and in various mediums (paintings, sculptures, etc.), especially Salvador Dali's rhino sculpture. Bernini's Apollo and Daphne post in September still gets lots and lots of visits. Who knew those two kids were so popular? And Shakespeare's Tempest post from 2011 still brings readers to my blog. I also have to mention my pink Hérmes scarf... always a favorite. And finally, seems lots of you visitors were interested A clean slate— starting the year out fresh. and new. Which brings us full circle to the end of 2012 and the start of 2013. 

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Thanks again for visiting the DC blog throughout the year, and be well!

Happy New Year!

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