Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Bob Goulet of botany

In Tru, the witty play about Truman Capote, Actor Robert Morse once quipped that "Poinsettias are the Bob Goulet of botany." Then he tossed the plant out the back door while singing Goulet’s signature song, “If Ever I Would Leave You.” Hilarious. I happen to not be a big fan of the ubiquitous Christmas poinsettia plant. They seem so forced and unnatural to me. Maybe because I usually only see them looking lonely in a corner by themselves... still in their shiny aluminum wrappers. When fresh from the greenhouse, a good specimen can actually be striking, especially en masse. And I do like the ivory colored ones, and I admit the peach ones are beautiful too. But the red ones... to me they're a little smaltzy, a little Bob Goulet. Sorry Bob.

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