Saturday, September 8, 2012

Starry Night

Inspired by... Vincent Van Gogh's starry night


This is one of my favorite paintings, and most certainly one of
my favorite artists. Below are paintings, collages or mosiacs, 
inspired by VVG's Starry Night. 

Collaborative clay project by young students

artist unknown

by Evelyn Spatz

Mosiac made from glass marbles, artist unknown

student work, using tempura paint

van gogh starry night crackers Van Gogh Masterpieces Recreated with Spices and Snacks
made using salt, spices, crumbled snacks, and food coloring, by Kelly McCollam

Korean artist Lee Kyu Hak wraps colorful bits of newspaper and magazines around pieces of Styrofoam to recreate Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic works, such as, ‘Starry Night.’

by Korean artist Lee Kyu Hak 
mixed-media mosaic, using wrapped bits of newspaper and magazines 

Using over 7,000 dominos, by artist Flippycat

tattoo, artist unknown

pastel by Gay Athri

quilled paper, artist unknown

Fabric collage, artist unknown

digital paintings, artist unknown

diorama made from marshmallow Peeps, by MaryLea Harris

by Jacqueline Turner

made by yard, young student work, artist unknown

by Peter Max

artist unknown

If you send me your Starry Night, I will post it here too!

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