Saturday, September 29, 2012

A taste of New England

photo, Diane Carnevale

Recently we had a lovely visit from a very dynamic Canadian couple whom we met in Italy last year.  We had a yummy lunch featuring (mostly) local foods, all made in Massachusetts, or at least New England. We started off with some refreshing Cape Codders (vodka and cranberry juice), Cape Cod potato chips, and lobster tails with butter. Then we progressed to Dan's killer batch of clam chowdah, along with a baby spinach and blueberry salad with a lemony blueberry vinaigrette. For dessert we had a mini apple tasting, which included various varieties from Russell Orchards in Ipswich, apple cider, a sweet apple tartlet and slices of cheddar cheese (sadly, not sharp, but hey, it was local!) I lost track of the various wines, beers (Ipswich Ales, Harpoon IPA pale ale), Champagne, and limoncello that we had, but the main thing was that the company was the best! Love you Christina and Mark!

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