Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chocolate and strawberry tarts

The "Two Fat Ladies," those adorable British chefs, once said that "they breed the flavor out of strawberries these days." Agreed. So I was tickled pink to still find fabulously ripe Canadian strawberries at the market, and couldn't resist making some mini sized tarts. I only made 2, so I didn't use a proper recipe, just a little of this and that. This is a riff on a strawberry tart that I once saw Jennifer, of the the aforementioned 2FL's, make; click here for their full recipe. I had some buttery pâté brisseé shells in the freezer (doesn't everyone?!), so I blind baked them, painted them with melted chocolate, then filled with a mix of cream cheese, sugar, a teeny splash of vanilla, and whipped cream. (I think a  mascarpone cheese would work well too.) Finally, I put those juicy red jewels on top. If these were for company I would have brushed a glaze on top, the way French patisseries do.

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