Monday, September 17, 2012

A dose of Shangri La

Sunny day... check!
Straw hat... check!
iPod filled with music... check!
Bain de Soleil... check!
Dishy reading material... check!
Chilled beverages... check!
Snacks... check!

Did you have that day of sun and sand yet? Summer is winding down quickly, so better get there soon. Beach days are extra nice this time of year because the crowds are thinner and the air is cooler. I live just a ten minute drive away from one of the prettiest beaches in Massachusetts—Crane Beach in Ipswich. It has four pristine miles of white sand, clear water, and over 5 miles of hiking trails in grassy dunes. I was there last week soaking up some rays and reading all about Doris Duke’s Shangi La in Hawaii. I was transported that day in so many different ways.

above photos, Diane Carnevale

The warm air.
The bright sun.
The flowers coming from everywhere.
The cold water like ice in the pool.
The shining fish in the water.
The people on boats fishing.
The beach way.
The people splashing in warm water.
The people surfing on the waves-it feels like flying through the air.
The birds flying in the air to their nests tweeting.
People playing.
The smooth wet sand.
The white seagulls.
The animals all around.
Summer is the best season of all.

by Jack, 3rd grade

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