Friday, April 20, 2012

Clam shacks

Right next door in Essex and Ipswich, MA, there are three very well known—OK, famous—clam shacks. Legend has it that the fried clam was invented in Essex at Woodman's— a jumping joint that packs a crowd all year long. It's really fun to go there and see families from say, Kansas, eating steamed lobster or clams for the very first time! J.T. Farnam's in Essex and the Clam Box in Ipswich are equally as popular, though for my money (and clams aren't cheap) I love Woodman's, but Farnahm's wins extra points because they also sell fried calamari, and not just the rings—they fry the tentacles too. Although Farnaham's is small, converted from a house, the view behind it is spectacular, with the still Atlantic ocean salt marshes that go on forever, and this old house to the right (below). Gotta have some of those tasty fried bivalves once a year, or even... biannually. 

photos, Diane Carnevale & Dan ryan

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