Friday, April 6, 2012

Wicked tuna!

graphic, Diane Carnevale

First it was the king crab, then it was lobster, and now it's tuna. There's a new reality series on the Nat Geo channel called Wicked Tuna—the latest of these dangerous fishing genre shows. I wasn't very interested in the crab or the lobster shows, but to me the cool thing about the tuna series is that the fisherman leave out of nearby Gloucester, MA. Ages ago I spent a few summers on a lovely part of Gloucester called Eastern Point, so I can relate to the location... and the Boston accent! The show is interesting and illustrates how cut-throat and competitive tuna fishing is. It's a hard living. My only complaint about the show is that those fisherman swear—a lot. I think I might have to start playing the drinking game while watching the show, and sip my wine every time someone drops the F-bomb!

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