Saturday, February 18, 2012

Curry in a hurry

This curry chicken and pineapple appetizer can be made faster than you can say Gilligan's Island! After cutting Trader Joe's curry chicken tenders into bite sized pieces (okay, maybe I added a bit more curry and some coconut milk, too) I quickly sautéed them. Then I slid the cooked chicken cubes onto bamboo skewers along with cubes of freshly cut pineapple, sprinkled each bite with shredded, sweetened coconut, and placed the skewers in a long row on a tropical looking leaf. Hey... where's that guy with the tropical drinks?


  1. Hi
    this looks great for a luau. where did you get the leaf? thanks

    1. Helen,
      Th leaf was included in a bunch of foliage leaves from Stop & Shop, but I bet you could get a florist to order you a banana leaf. A luau sounds fun!


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