Saturday, February 11, 2012

Into the fire

photo, Diane Carnevale

Yesterday was a warm February day, one of way too many this winter, and a super perfect day for our annual bonfire! In February we are either still buried under snow or it's much too cold to turn on the water and hook up the hoses, so this annual event doesn't generally happen until late March or April. Alas, the warm weather prevails. All season long we gather fallen or pruned tree branches, pruned flower stalks, raspberry brambles etc. You name it—if it's too twiggy for the compost heap it goes into the burn pile—our garden pyre. The ashes from this fire get tossed onto the compost heap, which will go into the garden beds. It's a beautiful thing, this garden cycle.

Have a listen to Sarah Mclachlan singing her song Into the Fire
And into the fire
I'm reunited
Into the fire
I am the spark
Into the fire
I yearn for comfort

I will stare into the sun until its light doesn't blind me
I will walk into the fire until its heat doesn't burn me
And I will feed the fire

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