Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Meditation

Winslow Homer's Sleigh Ride

I hope my neighbor Maggie won't mind if I share this poem tonight. She read it to us once at a holiday dinner party and it really struck me as a the most beautiful poem.

Christmas Eve Meditation

There is a hush that comes on Christmas Eve—
Life's hurry and its stress grow far away; 
And something in the silence seems to weave 
A mood akin to sadness, yet we say 
A "Merry Christmas" to the friends we meet, 
And all the while we feel that mystic spell, 
As if the Christ Child came on noiseless feet, 
With something old, yet ever new, to tell 
The eyes grow misty, yet they shed no tear, 
And those that we have lost, somehow seem near.

by Margaret E Bruner (1886-1970)

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