Monday, October 21, 2013

Extreme gardening

Time for me to wrap up all those projects in the yard and put the garden to bed for the winter. I've had a finger injury that kept me from digging in the dirt, so I'm behind more than usual for this time of year. I need to cross many things off my list before the cold weather sets in. Then I can retire these garden gloves for the season, which are worn through with holes. I go through around 6 pairs of garden gloves each season, and Dan breaks at least a rake and a shovel each year too. Oh, and loppers too. We're extreme gardeners and hard on our tools!!

Shown below is a wheelbarrow full of plant divisions that still need to be planted. (I dug them up divided them before the aforementioned finger injury.) Waiting patiently in the wheelbarrow there's some lovely fern, August Moon hosta with lime green leaves, and all gold hakonechloa grass. I also have a trunk load of tulip bulbs to plant. I'd better get busy!

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