Monday, October 3, 2011

Magazine madness!

How could I possibly have let  September slip without mentioning Vogue's September issue? I enjoyed the one inch (+) thick bible of fashion on a sunny September day outside with a cold something or other, probably iced tea. Awestruck by all the gorgeously creative ads for handbags and glad rags that I'll never, ever be able to afford (or fit into), I drooled as I flipped each colorful page. Creative director Grace Coddington is a genius—more on her one day.

Anyone who knows me is quite aware that I am a decidedly unapologetic peroidical princess, subscribing to many, and tossing few. OK, OK, I'll bring mags that I can finally part with—only because the piles of them are getting embarrassingly and even dangerously tall—to friends, family, the local laundromat, doctor's offices, or even to the garage that changes the oil on my little Volvo wagon. They are all much too beautiful to just toss in the recycle box, don't you agree? And besides, it's fun to share. I mean, have you flipped through a Veranda magazine, or Art & Antiques mag lately... Saveur or Bon Appetit perhaps? All gorgeous! I've even subscribed to foreign mags over the years, such as French Elle and Côté Sud, British BBC GardeningHome & Gardens and Apollo (an art mag). Perfection. I was going nuts at mag stands in Italy, flipping through French Elle and Italian Architectural Digest mags, delirious with periodical pleasure, and somewhat frustrated that my luggage was already too full to bring some home with me. Yep, I subscribe to what I am certain most people think is way too many mags ... food, garden, home decor, travel, and of course, art and antiques magazines. Is that so wrong? To me it's like Christmas every month when I open up the mailbox—it helps balance out the bills that arrive in there too, you know? I am sure there is a 12-step program for other magazine hoarders like me, but really, to an artist and foodie, it's all just pure inspiration, and I am going to keep on subscribing. Been up for hours, and it's still only 5A.M. Jet lag is still messing with my body clock... maybe I'll flip through a magazine!

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