Friday, October 7, 2011

Seeing red

Faux red seems to be a popular hair color for women in Italy. And not just there, mind you, because I've seen a preponderance of red(ish) dye jobs in other European countries over the years as well—most notably in Baltic countries such as Poland.

The hair color is sometimes flaming red (think Pippi Longstocking!), pinkish red, rusty red, purplish red, and sometimes...hmmm... a very odd mix of red and black. Whatever the shade, it's rarely a natural looking color. I even saw one mother and daughter team with this red hair. The hair cuts on these red heads are usually quite sleek and stylish, though occasionally the hair was a sad frizzy mess (think Bozo the clown). I snapped most of these photos surreptitiously and candidly, but occasionally I'd ask the women if I could take their photos, and they always proudly obliged. I love that these women are playful enough to color their hair with such reckless abandon!

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All photos by Diane Carnevale 

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