Friday, October 21, 2011

Movie staahhs!

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Photo graphic by Diane Carnevale 

These beautiful faces from decades-old films are my Hollywood ideal, forever captured in miles and miles of celluloid film in the Turner Classic Movies vaults. I couldn't even begin to tell you my favorite films, but here are some of my favorite pairs: Fred and Ginger... Cary and Irene... Humphrey and Lauren... Spencer and Katharine...Clark and Vivien... all classics! Although these faces cover most of my favorite film stars, sadly I had to edit out many other favorites... Shirley Mclaine, Peter Sellars, Jack Lemon, Doris Day, James Mason, Tony Curtis,  Sidney Portier, George Brent, Ava Gardner, and so many character actors...on and on the list could go... all brilliant.

I work from home designing and producing educational school books for big publishers, and it's intense work sometimes. Currently I'm working on complex chemistry equations and illustrations on a 2-year long chemistry book. If I don't have some soothing classical music playing in the background while I work, then most likely I have the Turner Classic Movies channel on TV, as I love the sound of old films.  Robert Osborne (the host of TCM) is like a favorite uncle to me, and I am so exited for him to return on December 1st after his three month-long vacation. All of these familiar faces from days long past keep me company as I tap the mouse and and click away at the keyboard. Tap?... click?...Suddenly I have an urge to watch a Fred Astaire film!

So, can you name all these movie stars?
Lemme give you some help:

Ginger Melvyn Marlene Ray Maureen John Irene
Leslie Audrey Burt Judy Cary Deborah Gene 
Olivia Spencer Bette Clark Grace Rock Vivien
Laurence Rita George Katharine James Joan Gregory
Barbara James Jean Jimmy Claudette William Myrna
Rex Lauren Humphrey Marilyn Montgomery Ingrid Fred
Joan Kirk Sophia Errol Elizabeth Richard Greta

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From Sunset Boulevard:

Joe Gillis: You're Norma Desmond. 
You used to be in silent pictures.
You used to be big. 

Norma Desmond: I am big. 
It's the pictures that got small.

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