Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 Endicott Alumni Art Show

I put this painting in the 2011 Endicott Alumni Show this year, which starts today and runs through August 5th. If you haven't seen the new Center for the Arts at Endicott it's worth the trip over there—there's always an interesting exhibit or performance.

This painting is on a salt marsh that I found off Rt. 133 heading into Essex from Ipswich, at the end  of a narrow road that cuts across a marshy area. It was an early summer morning, and it was odd to see the boat high and dry in the marshes, with Hog Island (Ipswich) in the background. My brushstrokes almost look like pastels here.

POSTSCRIPT: Alas, the paintings did not sell so is still available. Please contact me for pricing info if you are interested

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