Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mr. Smith's path

photo, Dan Ryan

Last fall our neighbor to the back of us, Mr. Smith, was kind enough to make a stone path that flows from his yard to our yard. This is a quagmire of wild brush by the end of the summer, so this makes the journey to their place on hot summer days (to lounge by their pool and sip cocktails!) an easier one. It's also great for Mark when he comes over to borrows our fence pole digger. Love that cool neighbor vibe! To thank I surprised him by covertly and surreptitiously planting drifts of small daffs and grape muscari along the path last fall. Here's the spring show, coming up through the sea of emerging Lily of the Valley.

Nearby on Essex Street there is a huge patch of daffodils that spread some serious sunshine to passersby.

photo, Diane Carnevale

 photo, Diane Carnevale

I know that made you smile.

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