Monday, May 16, 2011

How much wood...?

Aaaah, country living—birds chirping, peepers peeping, chipmunks chipping, and daaamn woodchucks. Now, as you can see by the bucolic photo above, Mr. Woodchuck is admittedly very adorable here amongst the sweet anemone blossoms and emerging hosta leaves, daintily foraging for birdseed that has dropped from the feeders. However, he, or one of his his vegetarian relatives, can quite casually decapitate an entire plant faster than you can say "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck..." all without a shred of remorse. One of us simply HAS to go. Click here to see more photos of this fellah, who I later named Woody, later in the season. 

Here he is again up on a chair, giving me the stink eye.
I'm watching you Mr. Woodchuck.

 photos, Diane Carnevale

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