Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Leaf power!

I rely a lot on plant foliage in the flower border—combining and interweaving various colors, sizes, textures of leaves that play off of each other to make striking combinations. Above, dark purple Queen of the Night tulips borrow foliage from variegated iris leaves. 

Here are some leaves in my chocolate garden that help show a canopy of different foliage. Filigree black Sambucus leaves (Elderberry) hover above and weave through large lime green leaves of a Fire Island hosta, which covers golden Creeping Jenny (lysimachia). 

Purple Heuchera leaves contrast nicely with Creeping Jenny and ornamental rhubarb leaves.

                                                                            all photos, Dan Ryan and Diane Carnevale

Purple alliums blossoms grow up through gigantic ornamental rhubarb leaves, which contrast fabulously with the spiky, sword-like iris leaves around them.

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