Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fresh ricotta cheese

Meadowbrook Farm in Hamilton, a local farm run by a great Italian guy, is carrying fresh, locally made riccotta, mozzerella and burratta cheeses. I have never seen buratta cheese sold anywhere on the North Shore, so this was very exciting, but for now let me tell you about the fresh ricotta cheese. Until I tasted this ricotta I only had a fair relationship with this cheese. To me it was always a sort of bland, supporting actor type, never really the star of the show. Then I tasted this ricotta. Sweet mercy, it was love at first bite! Rich in flavor and chunkier in texture than regular store-bought ricotta, you'll want to just eat it by the spoonful. The photo above shows a breakfast made with a German high-fiber, whole-grain bread, with a schmear of ricotta, and a spoonful of zingy orange marmalade. It was a lovely combination with the crunch of the bread, the smoothness of the ricotta, and the tanginess of the marmalade. We tried it another day with a drizzle of honey instead of the marmalade, which was equally as delicious. 

The timing was nice for these Italian goodies, because I just read a great book written by the actor Michael Tucker called "Living in a Foreign Language," and in the book he mentions eating fresh ricotta cheese, and other delicious tales of Italian living. It's a quick read that will transport both you and your taste buds through Tuscany.

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