Monday, June 20, 2011

Miss Scarlet

I've got a new friend! I love all the little chipmunks that scamper around the yard, and over the years I've named several that I've gotten this close to—Mr. Chipps, J. Edgar Hoover, Mr. Stubbs (with only half a tail) and Princess Chippy. Meet Miss Scarlet, who was named as such because she traipsed through some red oil paint from a pallet that I had left outside, and she left a trail of delicate, little red paw prints hither and yon. Do you love? I swear these chipmunks have bags of my sunflower seeds—intended for the birds, mind you—buried underground in their little chippy, condo bunkers. They just can't help themselves, they are hoarders. But Miss Scarlet is adorable, and I can't resist her chubby cheeks.

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