Thursday, February 6, 2014

Raw beet appetizer

Last week I made these raw beet appetizers for a family luncheon. I used a mandolin to get ├╝ber thin slices of colorful carrots, radishes, yellow beets and chiogga striped beets. I topped each of the striped beets with a sliver of raw fennel, then plopped on a dollop of goat cheese and cream mixed together. I dripped on a spoonful of a honey orange reduction, sprinkled some pepitas, and garnished with a fennel frond. This on-the-fly appie was essentially a riff on a raw root veggie carpaccio salad that I've made in the past, and also reminiscent of this fennel and blood orange salad. They all have crunchy, creamy and sweet elements in them.

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