Thursday, February 13, 2014

Amour fou—crazy love!

For some, love is a difficult emotion to express, bur for others, love pours out of them in very creative ways. Consider the all but extinct love letter. In this day and age the hand-written word is surely passé, and furthermore, sending passionate love letters is positively archaic and so last century, oui? Sadly, store-bought Valentine's day cards are de rigueur for your loved one, but hardly creative, n'est-ce pas? And don't you dare 't-e-x-t' a message to your sweetie unless you have a dog house out back. For the truly romantic at heart—c'mon darlings, you know who you are—you'll love perusing through Michelle Loveric's two unique books on love letters—preferably with your best gal or guy, and most definitely whilst sipping champagne! Her first book is called Love Letters: An Anthology of Passion, and the second one is called Passionate Love Letters: An Anthology of Desire.

Your words are my food, 
your breath my wine.

—Sarah Bernhardt

You elude me. I cannot place you, 
cannot grasp you.

—Jack London

These two books are both gorgeously designed with seductive artwork and swirly text, and feature real love letters from historical people. Here's the best part, some of the letters are actual facsimile reproductions tucked inside of wax-sealed envelopes—all ready for you to open and read! Isn't that brilliant? So reading through the books I feel as if I am a naughty voyeur, discovering intimate and titillating des tête à tête. Ever wonder what Henry VIII wrote to Anne Boleyn?... Or Horatio Nelson to Emma Hamilton?… Napoleon to Josephine? Or how about Elizabeth Barrett to Robert Browning? The list of famous names goes on and on in chapter titles that absolutely ooze with Amour fou—crazy love!

Ravished… Rapturous… Declaration… 
Felicitation… Intoxicated… Devotion… Lascivious… 
Posession… Obsession… Adoration… 

Go and write a love letter now, and
tuck it under your partner's pillow!
He or she will truly madly deeply love you for it.

I think of love, and you, and 
my heart grows full and warm.

—Emily Dickinson 

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