Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A rose is a rose is a rose...

I think Gertrude Stein would like this unusual rose. It's Valentine's week, so how about making something different like this citrus rose? This pretty plate of sweetness isn't chocolate and doesn't cost a ridiculous $59.99 a dozen, and your sweetie will love it!. Use whatever citrus fruits you want, and once they are segmented and assembled into a round rose shape, sprinkle crunchy pomegranate seeds and salty pistachio nuts on top. Finally, you can drizzle with a cardamom honey syrup*. Keep a bowl nearby to collect all the juices from the scraps—you'll get a fine glass of mixed juice by the end of the process. This citrus rose is made of white grapefruit, pink grapefruit, navel orange, ruby red grapefruit, and blood orange in the very center. Enjoy all the beautiful citrus fruits now, while they are in season!

I made these citrus roses for a luncheon.

*To make the cardamom honey syrup, mix equal amounts of honey with some of your freshly squeezed citrus juices—about a tablespoon of each—then add in about a half teaspoon of ground cardamom seeds (or crushed fresh seeds, if you have them). Simmer to blend the honey, and reduce to thicken a bit. Cool.

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