Sunday, May 20, 2012

Alliums and Irises

I think May is the prettiest month in gardens—it is in my garden anyway. Everything is blooming, the air is warm and sweet with mingling floral aromas, the weeds aren't winning the war, and the insects haven't munched on the leaves yet. The alliums and irises in my long border explode in shades of purples, and even the underside of my giant ornamental rhubarb (Rheum, Ace of Hearts) leaves boast a gorgeous shade of reddish purple. I posted a photo of this flower border last May here, where you'll see beautiful burgundy Heuchera leaves (coral bells). Unfortunately, those plants didn't make it through our dry winter and spring, so I have since replaced them with Bonfire spurge (euphorbia) and chocolate bugle weed (ajuga black scallop), which contrasts fabulously with the golden Creeping Jenny (IMHO).

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