Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Veggie soup with chili and lime

I make this colorful soup when I don't really feel like cooking and just want to make something quick and easy. I swear it only takes 10 minutes. It's chicken broth with rice noodles, and a melange of fresh veggies—such as carrots, yellow pepper, red pepper, pea pods, and scallions—that are added in and warmed for only a minute or so. I cook the carrots first though (separately) because they take the longest to cook. For spicy heat I add either chili oil or crushed chili peppers, or you could add a bit of sriracha chili paste. A squeeze of lime juice adds a bright citrus note, and at the very end I always add fresh cilantro leaves (which I hadn't done yet when this photo was snapped). For protein, sometimes I'll add in shrimp that's been sauteéd with garlic. The colors in this soup are so bright and the flavors are so fresh that you'll want to make it often, whether you are or aren't in the mood to cook!

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