Monday, March 26, 2012

Mad about Mad Men!

Hello Sterling Cooper Draper Price—Mad Men (and women) are back!  Last night's episode was fun and got us all up to speed with the goings on of those wacky Madison Avenue ad men of the 60s. Mattel got in the groove when they launched their Mad Men Barbie® doll series a few years ago, always on the pulse of what's hot. Shown above from left to right are Joan, Roger, Don and Betty. They all look neat and snappy in their classic suits, monogrammed shirts, fabulously coiffed hair, red lipstick and faux pearls. They nixed accessories like martini glasses and ashtrays, but hey, the Don Draper doll comes with a hat and briefcase! 

We don't have the Barbie dolls, but we celebrated the return of Mad Men with our own little retro cocktail party with appropriate libations. AMC inspired us with a page of classic old school drinks  to choose from. We chose the old fashioned (pictured; Don's drink of choice), and martinis

photo, Dan Ryan

Then of course we needed retro foods. Even though I actually have truffled fois gras in my freezer we skipped the beef Wellington idea... and the fondue... and instead went for a fun assortment of finger foods—including deviled eggs, crabbies and cocktail meatballs—and a crunchy iceberg wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and bacon. Wishing we bought a Sky Bar for dessert. 

photo, Dan Ryan

The show was really well done, and we're looking forward the rest of the season. What the heck is Lane up to? Is Don with his young French-Canadian wife really happy? Does Peggy hate having to manage Don's wife Megan? Where was Betty? How do you keep a white carpet clean? Will the agency stay afloat until Joan returns? Does Roger know that Joan's baby is really his, and not by her husband in Vietnam? How will SCDP handle all those equal opportunity applications? Inquiring minds need to know! Zou bisou bisou.

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