Sunday, January 15, 2012

Theyyyyre heeere!

Those garden catalogs are arriving in my mailbox—little teases of springtime and green and growth. When we're housebound on cold and blustery winter days (It was 5° when I woke up this morning!) garden catalogs and books really deliver a dose of sunshine and possibilities. The plants and flowers always look so big and colorful in the catalogs, don't they? There are no weeds or bug eaten leaves, just pages and pages of beautiful combinations and potential. I am thinking about planting a huge cutting garden on the west side of my house, filled with loads of colorful dahlias, zinnnias ans sunflowers—really hot colors like pinks and oranges yellows. Am I crazy? It would be lovely but would mean more edging and weeding! Get those stickies and scissors out and create your perfect dream garden!

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