Thursday, January 12, 2012

Minding my Ps and Qs

Pumpkin and Quinoa, that is! Pumpkin soup is so velvety and delicious anyhow, but add to it some cooked quinoa and it's super nutrish and delish. This curried lentil soup is accompanied by a curry lentil crisp and both recipes are from Gordon Hamersley. You can find his recipes here on the Food & Wine website. I added the quinoa on a whim but you could add any whole grain or omit if you wish. I also added thyme and a swirl of crème fraiche.

+ + + 

I never understood the origin of that phrase, "to mind your Ps and Qs." It was something that was said to us as kids when we needed to be reminded to mind our own business. There are many meanings given on the Internet—Urban dictionary is particularly interesting—from it being shortened in pub language from pints and quarts to priorities and qualities (Example; "Always remember that you have 'priorities' in life, and the 'qualities' of your character will help you achieve them...") 

But the most credible and logical definition to me is in both Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia, where the phrase is said to have originated in the printing business; you see the lower-case Ps and Qs could be used interchangeably by typesetters by flopping them.

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