Monday, November 11, 2013

View from the hill

Dan took these breathtaking photos from Castle Hill on the Crane Estate this weekend. Are we not lucky to live on this beautiful North Shore of Boston? Such magnificence! The Trustees of Reservations have been busy on a three-year restoration of the trees lining the grand allée that rolls down to the sea. When we were married at Castle Hill in 1993 the old Norway spruces then were well over 30 feet tall, but old age and strong winds had made them look ragged, so they chopped them all down and planted new ones. The photo above is the section of trees that is closest to the ocean. The statue is one of the last of a line of them that flack easy side of the allée.

Below is the view of Crane's beach—
on the right of the grand allée. 
The ocean is almost a cobalt blue!

Below is the backside view on the drive up to Castle Hill, overlooking Fox Creek, which winds through the marsh like a serpent.

Below, leaves covering steps in 
one of the Italian Garden.

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